Communities of Interest (CoIs) for the advancement of new collaborative business models of C-ITS products and services – NEWBITS Network Platform (NNP)

26th June 2018 – 16:00 CET | 15:00 GMT | 10:00 EDT

Collaboration is a key factor for success in an interconnected and digitalised world. A ‘Community of Interest’ (CoI)is an exchanging accumulation of different stakeholders, which share common goals, interests and/or environments. CoIs can create a momentum to drive the development of important topics like intelligent transport systems (ITS).

This webinar introduces four ITS-related CoIs, which are established within the EU-funded project NEWBITS – New Business Models for Intelligent Transport Systems. They form around specific ITS aspects and can be distinguished according to the following applications:

  • Sustainable intercity mobility
  • Efficient traffic management systems
  • Synchromodal solutions for goods transport on water
  • Predictive maintenance solutions for rail

The successful operation of the CoIs will be supported through the NEWBITS Network Platform (NNP). Performance-enhancing functionalities, tools and features of the NNP will be presented during this webinar.

This webinar is considered of special interest to:

  • Executives working on organisations / companies related to ITS
  • Executives working on regional / local development focused on mobility issues
  • Academics related to ITS, new business models and collaborative business models

A fundamental knowledge base regarding ITS and business models will be helpful for the maximum utilisation of the webinars input.

No registration is needed. To access the webinar use the following link:

After the main presentation there will be sufficient time for Q&A and discussion.